Participate with Twitter!

::::: How to use Twitter and Participate :::::

MAY 31st - JUNE 12th [interactive]

1. Install and load twitter on smart-phone or personal computer.

2. Write a tweet [write a message] with the word " #hope " in it.
i.e. - "I #hope for a pickup truck."

3. Before you send the tweet add your location. The Island of Hope will attempt to send hope directly to you and people who add their location. The island will grow at the geographic location where the you have tweeted from! You should be specific- An open park next to you is really good for viewing.  You can even give your Latitude and Longitude coordinates- for more exact positioning.

[the result...]
[the greatest monster truck ever using Mark Skwarek's patented AR launch ramp]

***It make take a day for the project to place the augment at your location.
***If your object of hope has not appeared at your location after a day you are probably not hoping hard enough.
The solution is to tweet a few more times with #hope and location enabled.

Home users from around the world can send hopeful tweets without their location enabled.
Great effort will be made to translate peoples tweets into accurate objects of hope.

Participants with the most overall #hope and or re-tweeted #hope will be also have their hopes answered with physical objects. Seen below, Little Jimmy sent over 50 #hope tweets earning himself that robot he's always wanted.