::::: OVERVIEW :::::
People's hopes and dreams are brought to life by the "Island of Hope" at the Venice Biennial AR Intervention 2011.
The island searches for the world's most hopeful tweets.
It searches for the hashtag #hope and considers what the tweeter is hoping for. Only the very best #hope - s of that day are answered with physical objects. These objects erupt from the island volcano, floating upward and spread, settling across Venice.
The Island of Hope is viewed on supported smart-phones.

::::: PARTICIPATE ::::: MORE ::::: MAY 31st - JUNE 12th [interactive]
***the work is currently not activate but will be with a new release- soon!

Users may try to participate by adding the hashtag to the word "hope" = #hope in their tweets.
Lucky #hope tweeters may actually have their hopes answered and receive the thing of their desire. ***
If the #hope tweets location is turned on the object will float to the location [that can be where you are!!!].
Tweeting users should hope for something interesting.

Home users can send hopeful tweets.
***Due to the incredible success of the project only a small portion of the tweets will be transformed into objects hoped for. We regularly receive new applications every 2-10 seconds 24 hours a day. Many will tweet and very few pass the selection process. To increase your odds, tweet a lot and hope for something interesting!

The Island of Hope is centered around 2 main locations in Venice. The first will be at the Giardini where the 2011 Venice Biennial is being held.

The second is at the Piazza San Marco. Hope will radiate out from these locations. An image of the user experience below.